Advance Computer Course of Office Automation

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Computer Basics

Course Duration : Three Months

  • Computer Fundamental
  • Microsoft office
    1. MS -Word
    2. MS –Excel
    3. MS – PowerPoint
    4. MS – OneNote
  • Internet
  • Microsoft Windows (XP, Win7, Win8)


Course Duration : 3-4 Month

Becoming a Tally Professional will help you advance your career in Modern Accounting. You can build your credibility as a high quality accounting professional and attract prospective employers from diverse industry segments in the country and outside. This training Program is a simple and effective way for those trained on Tally to demonstrate their expertise to the business world.

Training Contents :-

  • VAT
  • CST
  • TDS
  • TCS
  • FBT
  • Price Lists
  • Statements
  • Service Tax
  • Orders
  • Excise Duty
  • Purchase / Sale
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Service Organization
  • Trading Organization
  • Manufacturing Organization

AutoCAD - 2D Drafting and 3D Modeling

Course Duration : 3 Month

This 3D and 2D training shows users how to tackle Auto Cad modeling in 3D. It does this with depth and clarity covering auxiliary views, view scaling, professional drawing presentation, block and layer management, and drawing issue administration. Learning 3D and understanding the AutoCAD 3D environment is straight forward but with a few new principles to grasp.

Training Contents :-

  • Introducing drawing
  • Zoom, Pan and templates
  • Orthographic and isometric
  • Other types of file format
  • Draw tools, Object snap and Auto Snap
  • Hatching
  • The Modify tools
  • Dimensions and Text
  • Blocks and Inserts
  • Introducing 3D modeling
  • Building drawing
  • Surface Modeling
  • 3D models in viewports
  • The modification of 3D models
  • 3D part and Wire frame Modeling

Desktop Publishing

Course Duration : 4 Month

Desktop Publishing -It is the process of using the computer and specific types of software to combine text and graphics to produce documents such as newsletters, brochures, books, Web pages, etc. (print and Web design)

Graphic Design -It is the process and art of combining text and graphics and communicating an effective message in the design of logos, graphics, brochures, newsletters, posters, signs, and any other type of visual communication. (Print and Web design)



  • Understanding Graphics (Raster and Vector Graphics)
  • Understanding Color Modes
  • The Basics of Layers: Layer Functions and Creation
  • Understanding Channels
  • Working with images
  • Layer Styles
  • Photo Editing Tools
  • Working with Various Photoshop Tools
  • Color Adjustments
  • Filters
  • Working with 3D Tools
  • Web Template Designing
  • PSD to Html Conversion - Slicing
  • Drawing and Selecting
  • Working with Text
  • Working with images
  • Making Logos, Adds etc.
  • Tools
  • Bitmaps
  • Color Modifications
  • Export images


Web Designing

Course Duration : 6 Month

Web designing is very essential and important part of IT industry. There are various skills required while designing a web site. A web designer must have proper knowledge of the contents which are required to be covered in the website. Graphics i.e. colors, patterns, textures and effects should always been clear and effective. A person should have complete knowledge of CSS and HTML. (Print and Web design)



  • Introduction to HTML & DTDs
  • Working with HTML Tags
  • Creating Lists
  • Working with Images, Videos and Sounds
  • Linking, Mapping of Images
  • Working with Tables
  • Forms, Frames, Inline Frames
  • Search Engine Friendliness – META Tags
  • Understanding Dynamic HTML
  • Working with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Creating Dynamic Web Pages
  • Using Filters
  • Working With Events

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)


  • Getting Started with CSS
  • Text Styling and Other Basics
  • CSS and Images
  • Working with Div Tag
  • Navigation
  • Tabular Data
  • Forms and User Interfaces
  • Cross-browser Techniques
  • Accessibility and Alternative Devices
  • CSS Positioning and Layout
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Diff. b/w Client side and Server side Scripting
  • Working with If Statements
  • Working with Loops and Arrays
  • Working with Events and Functions