About Our Company

About Us

SIRCL (Software Integration Research and Computer Learning) was founded in 2009 and is privately owned. Since its first day of business, it required its financial backing or assistance. The institute has been self-sufficient and profitable in all its years of operations. Mr. Rai Singh who is CEO of SIRCL and having experience 0f 10 years in IT industry. In 2013 SIRCL has been registered as SIRCL TECH PVT LTD. SO SIRCL TECH is leading technology company with a global out reach specialization in providing top solution all categories of users. There is strong commitment towards quality has secured us a privileged position in a fast-evolving market, the key advantage being a stage of part product based on cutting edge technologies. Presently SIRCL is headquartering in SIRSA, India. The activity is focused on the following major activity axes:

  • Software Development
  • Website Development
  • Industrial Training
  • Workshops

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Mission Statement

Since its inception in 2009, SIRCL Institute has been developing and supporting computer software for the legal, according and publishing markets. SIRCL TECH goal provides professional firms with the highest level of quality products and services. As the number of firms associating with SIRCL TECH has grown, the company is fast evolving.

SIRCL TECH works with companies of all sizes in virtually every industry to optimize the business value of IT by matching talented professionals with companies in need of services or technical expertise. The company seeks to employ people with character and competence, self-motivated, honest, determined, well-rounded, hardworking individuals whose persona skills and happiness ensure that our customers are in good hands.

Our work environment is open, egalitarian and collaborative ideas and initiative are valued and we are flexible and creative. We work hard and working together as a team, both within the firm and with our clients.

The company recognizes the importance of establishing close business relationships with our clients. We are committed to working with their clients in order to improve our services.


  • The goals of SIRCL TECH are to be responsive to its users and provide them with software solutions to assist them in being more efficient and productive in their work.
  • It also continually works on improving its software to help its clients to take advantages of new technologies.
  • It aims to build products that are characterized by innovations hip, ease of use and multiplatform support.
  • The Company is producing, developing and internationally distributing high-quality software products.
  • Providing integrated solutions for data security and reliable services in fields like software distributions, consultancy and technical support.
  • Providing solutions in banking, healthcare and publishing industry.