Our Products

Our Products

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Desktop Applications

SIRCL TECH works with companies of all sizes in virtually every industry to optimize the business value of IT by matching talented professionals with companies in need of services or technical expertise.

Our company has developed following desktop applications as per clientneeds.

  • Smart School (A Complete School ERP Solution)
  • College Software
  • Restaurant Billing and Store Keeping
  • Hotel Room Booking Management
  • Pub-Bar Billing and Stock Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Smart Account (A complete Account Solution)
  • Smart Billing
  • Day - Book Manager
  • Departmental Store
  • Car Service Centre (Job Card, Purchase, Sale & Inventory Management)
  • Car Washing Point
  • Ayurveda Hospital OPD and Medicine Manager
  • Medicine Production Unit
  • Milk Dairy Management
  • Barcode Printing
  • Jewellery Shop Software
  • Tailor Shop Software
  • Complaint Manager
  • Finance
  • Book Shop Billing
  • News Paper Agency
  • Petrol Pump Software
  • Seeds Factory
  • Electronic Vehicle Product Unit (Purchase, Sale, Inventory)
  • DURGA IVF Software
  • College Store Management - Government Colleges
  • Door & Window Frames Billing Software
  • Exam Software

Websites Applications

Since its inception in 2009, SIRCL Tech has been developing and supporting Websites for the legal, according and publishing markets. SIRCL TECH goal provides professional firms with the highest level of quality products and services. As the number of firms associating with SIRCL TECH has grown, the company is fast evolving.

SIRCL TECH works with companies of all sizes in virtually every industry to optimize the business value of IT by matching talented professionals with companies in need of services or technical expertise. The company seeks to employ people with character and competence, self-motivated, honest, determined, well-rounded,hard working individuals whose persona skills and happiness ensure that our customers are in good hands.

We have developed following informative website, e-commerce website and website software portal as per customer requirements.

  • Online Exam Portal for Skill Education Exam Agencies under Government schemes like PMKVY.
  • Students Lead Management of Institutes
  • Loan Commission Agent Online Portal
  • Insurance Commission Agent Online Portal(B2B and B2C Model)
  • E-Vehicle Manufacturing Industry Online Portal (B2Band B2C Model)
  • Laundry Services Portal
  • Event Organizer Portal
  • Institute Record Keeping Portal
  • Legal Service Provider Online Portal (B2B and B2CModel)
  • QR Code Menu Solution for Hotels and Restaurants
  • .com Domain Search Engine
  • RESTAPIs Web Portals
  • Online Email Reading Web Tool
  • Email and Messages Sending BOT
  • Online Hospital OPD Portal
  • E-Commerce Website Portal(B2B and B2C)
  • E-Commerce Woo-Commerce Portals (B2C)
  • Online Payroll Portal with Live attendance punching
  • WordPress Informative Websites with Contact Us Record Keeping in Database
  • Online Verification Portal for Institutes Like TC, SLC and Experience Certificates.
  • Online Mock Test Application
  • Online Portal for Cinemas (Movie Scheduling & Ticket Booking)
  • Online Recharge Portal
  • Online Exam Preparation Portal Cum Exam Conduct Feature for Schools
  • Online Supply Chain Management of Products

Mobile Applications

Some of the mobile apps developed by us are as follows:

  • For Schools (SHISHAY and EDUSO Available on PlayStore and App Store)
  • Online and Offline Exam Application for Exam Agencies
  • E-Commerce Mobile App
  • Food Delivery App
  • Kissan Digital App

IOT Machines

Developing BOT machines for BOTXP PVT LTD which help in Agriculture with following features:

  • Pump Controller (Water, Pesticide, Fertilizer)
  • Moisture Reading of Sand
  • Temperature Reading
  • Wind Speed and Wind Direction
  • Sun Rise and Sun Set Readings
  • Rain Status Readings

Training & Technologies

We also giving Development Training since 31 Jan 2009. We have trained lot of students. Our trained students working in Domestic and Multinational Companies on handsome salaries. Some of them also started own software companies.

Our training portfolio includes following technologies:

  • Desktop Applications (Windows Apps and Windows Presentation Foundation) in XAML and C#.NET
  • Website Designing (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, ES6, Bootstrap, jQuery)
  • SPA Website Development (ReactJS, NODE JS, BLAZOR)
  • Website Development Server Side (PHP, Code Igniter, Laravel)
  • Website Development Server Side (ASP.NET CORE, Entity Framework, Identity Framework)
  • Website Development Server Side (PYTHON, Django)
  • Mobile Application Development (FLUTTER, MAUI)
  • Live Applications(SIGNAL-R Technologies)
  • Training (C, C++, HTML, CSS, ES6, Bootstrap, jQuery, Java, .Net, PHP, Python, Code Igniter, Laravel, Flutter, MAUI)