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Microsoft .NET

Course Fee : 7000/-

It is name of technologies which is introduced Microsoft to develop Windows application, Web Sites, Web Services, and Windows Services. It is multi facilitates platform so after learn it you will be able to develop and kind of software.

  • Introduction to .Net
  • Net Framework Versions
  • .net Framework Architecture (CTS, CLS Managed Code, Metadata, Disassembler )
  • Overview on Visual Studio .Net

Console Application Development

  • Overview on Assemblies
  • Namespaces
  • Class
  • Structure of 1st program
  • Variables
  • Data Types, If-Else
  • Loops Switch-case
  • Functions
  • Array Structure
  • Collection, Serialization
  • Data Accessing
  • Threading
  • Enumerations OOP in .net (Class, Object Encapsulation, Abstraction, inheritance, Polymorphism. Interfaces, Delegates)

Windows Application Development

Overview on visual Programming, IDE Introduction Working Form and Controls ( Properties, Methods, Events) Working ADO.Net Class :

  • Dataset
  • SQL Connection
  • SQL Command
  • SQL Data Reader
  • SQL Parameters
  • SQL Data Adapter
  • SQL Command Builder
  • Graphics Programming
  • Create Custom Controls
  • Create Window Service
  • Create Shared Assembly
  • LINQ Setup & Deployment
  • Website Development
  • Crystal Reporting And Printing Application Configuration

Web Application Development

ASP .NET CORE Overview, HTML, CSS, Java Script

  • Web services
  • Contents Pages
  • ADO.Net in ASP.NET
  • Building web parts
  • localization, Tracing
  • Web Sites, Security
  • Themes, CSS, Master Pages
  • Overview on AJAX in ASP.Net
  • Web Page post Model, Personalization
  • Web Page Overview (static and Dynamic) Creating a Web Site, Site
  • State Management (Query String, Cookies, Caching, View State)
  • Programming a Web Application Adding an Configuring Web Sever Controls